DevOps Engineer

International company, world-wide leader in OSS/BSS solution market with global, distributed development of OOB & Solution, is looking for DevOps specialists. We help development teams to be more effective and independent by automating processes everywhere it is possible. Modern technologies, tools and allow successfully improving and implementing DevOps platform both for internal and external use.

  • Support, design and develop new product line CI system
  • Integrate product into company infrastructure
  • Refine deploy process in collaboration with external teams
  • Maintain CI/infrastructure/deploy documentation
  • Contribute to architecture and development of core product line framework
  • Participate in design meetings and code review
  • Mastery of Linux shell and scripting
  • Good understanding of Debian packaging and OBS
  • Expertise in VCS: Git and/or Mecrurial
  • Expertise in working with automation servers Jenkins/Bamboo/TeamCity
  • Familiarity with relational databases (preferably PostgreSQL)
  • Solid understanding of design principles
  • Experience in building complex systems
  • Good knowledge of Python 2/3
  • Accuracy in writing code and documentation
  • Professional and personal growth
  • Clients and projects all over the world
  • High professional, efficient and involving team
  • Internal and external learning
  • Flexible working schedule
  • Working performance review system
  • Medical expenses compensation
  • Comfortable office