Front-End Developer/Angular

Gwapit is an application that allows you to centralize, prioritize and act on notifications.

Job Description

  • We are looking for a Front-End developer to build the micro-services of a high-availability application processing real-time a large amount of information and thus support our CTO.
  • Gwapit manages collaborative information within a firm (emails, Slack message, JIRA / Trello comments).
  • Gwapit centralizes all types of feeds (emails, application events, etc.) for grouping and prioritizing. This approach aims to reduce the harmful interruption and to circulate the information in a team while keeping its current tools.


  • Python / DjangoREST + GO + Angular 5 + Kubernetes / Docker / Google Cloud. We migrate some of our micro services on GO to increase our performance.
  • The team is passionate about tech and we are very present in the community (we organize Angular X Paris Meetups and created a dev challenge called Fight Code).
  • For the comfort of the missions we apply an Agile Scrum methodology combined with the technologies devops: docker, gitlabCI, JIRA on the basis of a micro-service architecture and documentation maintained on Confluence (wiki).

Required profile

  • Strong experience in JS and Angular 5+
  • A mastery of Docker
  • Being picky and curious
  • Want to optimize your code for yourself and for others

Will be aplus

  • Be comfortable with back-end languages
  • Be comfortable with python and / or Django
  • A mastery of Docker
  • Be comfortable with Go Lang
  • Be Devoted to Devops